Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dow down, Pocket Change Up?

In case you haven't noticed: gas is under $3.00/gallon.

Last night I nearly ran over a pedestrian walking through the crosswalk when I glanced up at the board that read "$2.99/gallon." I felt like I had stepped into the twlight-zone or something. Who knew seeing gas under three bucks would be such a phenomenon?

Too bad I already have a half tank of gas. I think I'll wait until I get back from Charlotte to fill up. Maybe gas will be $2.50. ;)

And it looks like House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is trying to make a push for another stimulus package. Check this out. Ching-chinggggg!

I wrote about the first stimulus package here. It's funny because I have no idea WHAT happened to that money. So much for saving up! LOL

I'll keep an ear to the streets - just keep an eye on my blog. ;)

Stay Classy!


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