Saturday, April 26, 2008

Get Set for Your $600

This just in...

President Bushy has finally said something worth listening to.

Remember those tax rebates congress approved back in February? Well Bushy has announced that checks will start going out Monday, earlier than previously stated. I don't know about you, but I sure could use $600! With gas at an ignorant $4/gallon, and the cost of groceries soaring to ridiculous levels...I need a little relief.

I'm trying to find a bootleg man that sells gas for $2!

Ok, so the Economic Stimulus package entitles any single person who makes under $75K to get $600, married couples get $1200, and an extra $300 goes to anyone with a child. Anyone wanna go half on a baby?! lol I'm sorry, but the thought of $900 is lovely.

As long as you filed a tax return by April 15th...You're good!

Direct deposits start Monday, and for you old school folks who like to receive a check...those won't be sent out until May 9th. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (whom I've actually met) agrees that the rebate checks will help get the economy moving, but that we will definitely need a 2nd stimulus package. I knew I loved this woman for a reason. She's incredibly smart and is exactly right. Word on the street is that the Dems have already started talking about a 2nd stimulus package with the Republicans. Now that's a good look! ;)

So $600, huh? What are you gonna do with your cut? Ideally, I would love to save $300 and use the other $300 on bills, gas, or necessities. However comma....

Let's be real!!

I mean the more I think about it, I may save $200 and spend $400 on something I really want. As an American citizen it's my duty to get the economy moving right? So what's wrong with getting a 40" flat screen tv? Or a few pairs of pumps?

I'm just sayin...

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LeMont said...

Yall may call me being too smart for my own good, but with a future goal of mine being to get some property, I think ima spend some of it on a washer and dryer. But if I was on some other youngin-type stuff or in college, it would definitely go to some gear and/or shoes. Sad, but true.