Monday, October 27, 2008

Charlotte: The Departure

I arrived at JFK in a tizzy, because I was running a little late. By the time I reached the kiosk to check-in for my flight on Delta, it said that I couldn't check my baggage. As if! I thought to myself, I hate airports. Long story short, I used the Sarah Palin approach (winking, acting dumb, and smiling) to hustle this guy behind the desk to get my baggage checked. Moments later I was scurring off to my gate in a cute, I'm in a rush type of way. When I sat down, this older gentleman sat down next to me, and in unison we both let out a long sigh.

Noticing the coincidence...we laughed.

Gentleman: Are you from New York?
Crossy: No, I traveled here from Connecticut, but I'm from Seattle.
Gentleman: Oh, ok. I'm traveling from Barcelona.
Crossy: Oh for vacation?
Gentleman: Kind of. My wife and I went to watch our son play basketball.
Crossy: Oh, he plays for a team there?
Gentleman: No, he actually plays for the New Orleans Hornets.
Crossy: (blank stare) Oh.
Gentleman: (smiles)
Crossy: WHO is your son?!
Gentleman: (smiles) Chris Paul
Crossy: (thinking to myself, how old is Chris Paul again? And is he married? Dad can you introduce me?) That's cool.
Gentleman: Do you like sports?
Crossy: I guess...I work for ESPN.
Gentleman: (Smiles) Oh wow. I hope this conversation is off the record...(we both laughed)

How random is it that I sat next to Chris Paul's father on the flight down to Charlotte? He was even toting a little black Wake Forest duffle bag. I usually knock out as soon as the plane takes off, but Mr. Paul and I talked about everything from sports, to politics, to cars, and True Religion jeans. Oh yeah, for all you True Religion fans, Mr. Paul tells me that he got a pair of Truey's for $25 in China. For those that don't know these jeans run about $200/$300 here in the United States. Sounds like my next departure needs to be en route to a different country! O-kaaay!

Mr. Paul also mentioned that his son has a huge home right next door to Reggie Bush in New Orleans. It was funny because he asked me if I knew Reggie's girlfriend. I said, "Of course, you mean Kim Kardashian right?" He said, "Yes, she's a very nice girl."

Um, nice? Dad, you've got to come up with a better adjective than that. I laughed so hard, I was fighting back tears. Just about every guy I know would pay to be within 30 feet of that woman. Case closed. Let's just say nice is an understatement.

I also found out that CP3 was online pledging for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. but he couldn't finish the process because he left school. I always thought he was a pretty boy, and I think I'd pay to see him do the Kappa shimmie too. You can still pledge grad chapter CP!

Just before I could motion for the flight attendant to get me another glass of Cran-Apple juice, we landed in Charlotte. I guess it's never know who you're sitting next to on a plane.

That's it for "The Departure." Stay tuned for my next posts: My birthday, and homecoming...

Till then, Stay Classy!


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