Friday, November 7, 2008

Results: Diva on a Diet?

Yeah right!!!

If some of you recall, I wrote a blog titled "Diva on a Diet" back on October 13th. I was anxious to try the Special K diet that I had heard so much about.

I started the diet on November 3rd and ended the diet on November 5th. I lasted 2 DAYS!!!!
Let's just saying dieting is NOT for me. I don't see how people do it. Seriously, I'm just gonna put it out there --I love food! hahaha Now, by no means am I a size 12 (no offense to anyone who is) but I was simply looking to shed a pound or two. Is that even significant? No. But look, that's not the point, okay!

The one thing I took away from the Special K diet was better eating habits. Those of you who are not familiar with the diet should know that it encourages you to eat an unlimited amount of fruits and veggies in between meals. This is one piece of advice I will carry with me.

I guess all is not lost...

I learned dieting is for the birds. It's all about eating right.

You heard it here first! The truth is never classified!

Stay Classy!


The Bad Guy said...

Can I breath a sigh of relief?

Rad said...

I feel you home slice, I'd rather just hit the gym for a an hour a day and enjoy all the beautiful and wonderful food choices available to us. As the great Ron White once said "I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrotts" lol 'nough said lol

Tania said...

There are so few truely wonderous things in life and good food is one of them. The fruits and veggies between meals is a good start..keep it up with some excercise and you might be suprised to find yourself losing weight.

Rad said...

nice job by those Raiders Crossy, just playin. Hope you had a good weekend man

Crossy said...

I hate carrots!!! hahahaa.

Diets are definitely NO BUENO! The gym will be my friend from now on. Hmph!

Oh and in response to the Raiders was an ugly game (Delhomme's INT's!!) but a dubb-ya is a dubb-ya! 7-2 baby!!!