Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Dawn of American Leadership

My heartbeat went from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds when I saw the words:


What?! No? Yes! Oh my GOD! We did it!

Wait... flip to FoxNews to make sure...

OK! Great, FoxNews projects him as the winner too!

So many parts of me wanted to run laps around the world until I passed out, but after belting out a few good yells all I could do was stand there in awe.

Dude, this is really happening.

Even though it was a semi-warm autumn evening, I had chills man, chills.

Not only do we have a Black president, but he is the right president. He is the face of change. He is the voice of reason. He is an ambassador for Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, disabled, heard the speech! We are the United States of America! I never fully understood the meaning of "united" until today.

What a proud moment.

What an historic feat.

From fantasy to reality. From the Cosby's to the Obama's. Our dreams have unfolded right before our eyes. Contrary to popular belief, Barack Obama is not a messiah. He will not cure the hate and bigotry in this world. However, Obama's presidential victory puts a spotlight on the thought that: Anything is possible.

Here are a couple Obama nuggets I found today:

  • 68% of newly registered voters voted OBAMA! And 93% of registered voters in Washington D.C. voted OBAMA! In Diddy's words -- take that, take that! :)

  • Even Sherri Shepherd from ABC's The View got emotional over Obama's win.

  • I'm a sentimental person. Dates, pictures, momentos -- I love them. Am I the only one who has been collecting every newspaper with Obama on the front page? Check out these frontpages from around the globe.

Stay Classy!



Rad said...

Very nice blog. I like your style and the eclectic mix of subjects.

The wife and I actually stayed up late and were just mesmorized by the occasion. An African American President, I wonder if this will become a national holiday, as it should.
I did a post on how a game between Obama and Dan Patrick might play out. Check it out if you get a chance:

Crossy said...

I'm glad you enjoy my blog! Please continue to check me out! I love to write...its theraputic to me!! I will definitely check out your blog post.

Stay Classy!

Tania said...

I ordered a bunch of stuff online. I wanted keepsakes for the kids.

Crossy said...

tania that's great that you were able to find some momentos online. Election day is a day we will NEVER forget!!