Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's Your Zodiac Sign?

I'm a Libra. Almost to a fault. If you're not into horoscopes, shame on you. Get your zodiac game up! I am a fan of horoscopes not because I think they will really tell my life story, but because I am a living testament of my sign. Are you?

Here's a breakdown of common Libra traits:

On the Good Side
Diplomatic (true)
Urbane (true)
Attractive (check!)
Romantic (for the right person, true)
Charming (always)
Talented (America's next top...)
Poised (I'm always classy)
Easygoing (i'm cool as a fan on high)
Social (true)
Idealistic (true)
Peaceable (can't we all just get along?)

On the Bad Side:
Indecisive (I'm not sure, lol)
Changeable (Very)
Gullible (I'm gonna go ahead and say false)
Easily influenced (depends)
Flirtatious (I'm not going to confirm or deny that)
Self-indulgent (Who isn't? ;) )
Procrastinator (that's a bad thing? lol)
Discouraged easily (see "Diva on a Diet" post lol)

It's funny because I've read that most Libra's do well in the arts and entertainment fields. We also make good writers, lawyers, and designers. Hmm. I guess I'm living the dream... ;)

Oh yeah, and no horoscope would be complete without knowing who your compatible sign is...

Allegedly my compatible sign is GEMINI. Hmmm. Other compatible signs include: Aquarius (because of our mutual love of society, beauty and people), Scorpio, Pisces and Leo. My worst match is VIRGO.

Funny, all of my exes just happen to be LIBRA's.

I'll let y'all marinate on that...

Stay Classy!



Tobias said...

Almost all of them :) I'm a Cancer.

Crossy said...

Hey thanks for checking out the blog hun. My sister is a cancer too. You guys never forget ANYTHING!!!