Sunday, June 29, 2008

Choosy Lover

When it comes to choosing a mate, I must say I'm a bit picky. I realize that no one is perfect. However, let's be real - everyone has their list of "I could never date a guy/girl who..." list.

I'm a firm believer that anytime someone begins a sentence with the words, "I would never..." they almost always end up doing exactly what they said they wouldn't. In the game of life you never know what card is going to be thrown your way. So while you think you would never fall in love with a stripper or a smoker or the mail man or your best guy/girl friend-- he or she might just be the person you end up with. Love sees no color or boundaries. Even though we all hold our set of rules close to our hearts and minds, love has its own rules. I've come to realize that maybe that special someone who is destined to be your soul mate, is in fact the one person who violates all your rules.

This poem is special to me, I hope you enjoy it.

You've violated all of my Rules...
Made them appear as the utterance of a fool.
Caught me off guard
Took my 'always a strike' pitch out of the yard.
Why have you come?
What will you do?
It is so amazingly good!
But can I really trust you?
I had set up a stair case that all were to climb,
You created your own just like mine.
With ease and confidence, you mocked my rubric's sense.
You make me do things I thought I would not.
You've come in my life and blown up the spot.
Yeah, you makin' it Hot.
You tryin' to put me outta my own kitchen?
I'd leave, but I'm just itchin' to understand,
to comprehend to contemplate
to maybe investigate the tools...
you used to violate all my rules.

~Stay Classy - Crossy~

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