Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Historic Feat

Change is coming to Washington!

Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination, making him the first African-American presidential candidate of a major party.

Some people received the news by text message, some updated their facebook/myspace status messages. Others simply watched CNN in awe. It's a day, none of us will forget. Now Obama hasn't been voted as President yet, but the taste of the possibility, is sweeter than my mama's sweet potato pie!

There's something about Barack that makes you admire him, listen, think, and immerse yourself in the movement. He's charming, sincere, articulate, and intelligent. His wife is a modern day Claire Huxtible....gorgeous, supportive, and extremely smart. What a pair?!

Obama has survived countless attacks, but his resolve remains unshaken. His resume has been challenged, yet his words and actions back it up. He is everything you see in front of you, nothing more and nothing less.

Barack is a symbol of hope and an advocate of change.

He is our democratic presidential nominee.

And he's Black....but he represents us all.

It's an historical feat that in my 25-years on this planet, I never thought I'd see. The Obama campaign is not just a presidential race, it's a movement that has changed the way we look at politics forever.

Change in '08....Barack the Vote!

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