Monday, June 23, 2008

Nothing like a Sunday

My everyday life is far from normal.

On any given day I can work 1st shift, 2nd shift, 3rd shift, weekends, holidays, the sun comes up when I go to work, and sometimes the sun comes up when I leave. Story of my life I guess.

One things for sure - my life is never boring, and every day seems to bring a different surprise.

As of late I've been living the good life...also known as "the day shift." You know what I mean, Monday thru Friday...9am - 5:30pm.

Working the good life schedule affords me the opportunity to have weekends off. What a blessing! It's funny because until now, I never knew what a weekend really felt like. See, it's one thing to have days off...but it's another thing to have a real weekend. Pick any two days of the week, and I guarantee you neither one of them really feels like a weekend. Sure you don't have to clock in...but alot of times those days become consumed with so much stuff -you don't get a chance to rest.

This past Sunday put a lot of things in perspective for me.

Sunday is a day to relax...and that's exactly what I did ALL day. It's a day that should only be saved for church, a lot of food, long conversations, sleep, and football. Seriously, it doesn't get quite better than that.

It's funny how Sunday feels so different from any other day. The weather was perfect, almost serene. It was warm, with a light breeze, the sun was barely peaking through the clouds, and my house smelled like cherry pie. [Ok, I didn't make the pie, but it was finga-lickin'-good!] I thought to myself, Man...there's nothing like a Sunday.

Now I know why people go for a Sunday drive. It's soothing. I actually drove around aimlessly with no music on for about 10 minutes with no destination. I let the windows down and couldn't help but notice how quiet it was. Is this what Sunday sounds like? Wow. Everything was vacant, parking lots were empty, and the only thing open was Walmart. Then I passed a gas station and it reminded me that it takes dang near $60 to fill my tank, so I took my tank home. Clearly I was dillusional, but I guess a rested mind can do that to you.

Just taking some time to appreciate the simple things.


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