Monday, June 16, 2008

T h a n k f u l

I couldn't think of a word more appropriate than, Thankful.

I'm thankful for the breath in my lungs.

I'm thankful for my friends and my family, who have called and shown comfort.

I thank God for allowing me to be a personal witness of His grace.

I am thankful.

Last Tuesday, my life actually flashed before my eyes.

I was rear ended on my way home from work. A car struck my vehicle as I was stopped, waiting for an opportunity to make a left turn. I was fortunate enough to walk away from the accident, but I suffered several injuries as a result.

Could I have avoided the accident if I left work 5 minutes later? What if I never stopped to fill my tank up at the gas station and just went straight home? All of these questions ran through my head. I felt as if it was somehow my fault, but it wasn't.

Over the past week I've been couped up in the house, several things have become apparent to me.

1) Tomorrow is not promised.
It's something we hear all the time...but it's important to keep in mind. I tend to think as a "glass is half-full" type of person so instead of thinking of it in a negative sense saying you won't be here tomorrow, I like to say LIVE FOR TODAY!

For the record, I've officially whipped out my list of goals for the year and I plan on really working to achieve each one. Sometimes I find myself to be a goal-aholic. It's a disease in which one thinks they can do everything they want to do at one time.

Survey says.........THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE.

So back to the drawing board I guess. Luckily I have time to make my goals really happen since I won't be going out or anything any time soon.

2) Friends are Forever.
Not to get all mushy or anything (not my style)...but I am very thankful to those who took the time to call, come by, reach out, give me a ride, cook, bake, smile, pray or just crack a joke to try to comfort me during this tough time. If it wasn't for you guys--I'd be a mess. It's not often that you do something for someone and they say thank i'm saying:

THANKS GUYS! I'm cheesin! (All 62 teeth are blingin!)

It really means a lot to me because I live in CT and I don't have my closest friends and family here. For once, CT actually feels like a home away from home.

Thank you.

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