Monday, May 12, 2008

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He's worn the numbers: 24, 30, and now 3.
He's hit 597 homeruns - just three bombs shy of reaching the epic 600 mark.
His name is Ken Griffey, Jr.
His Team is the Cincinnati Reds.

But now - the word on the street is, he could soon be a Seattle Mariner again!

[*music to my ears*]

John Hickey with the Seattle PI wrote:

Reports out of New York say that Duane Shaffer, in his first season as a special assistant to Seattle general manager Bill Bavasi, was in Shea Stadium Sunday to have a look at Griffey.

The Mariners need two things - someone to get the fans' interest revved up after a horrid start to the season and someone to provide some power to a lineup devoid of many run-producers.

I've been a fan of the Mariners ever since 1994! My father, a loyal M's fan, is the reason why I grew to love them so much. Between watching games on TV with the sound turned to the highest decibel allowed, to watching a game in the stands; It was rare that I missed a game.

Griffey's legacy stretched from 1989 to 1999, but we still love him like he's never left. There's no doubt in my mind that Seattle fans would love to see "the kid" back in a M's uniform rocking the #24! I know Griffey is getting old and more injury prone, but the fact he's on the verge of hitting his 600th homer would be great PR for Seattle's franchise. Not to mention he hit the majority of those homers in the great northwest!!

Let's be real - he put Seattle on the map for MLB.

Right now the M's are sitting at 15-25.

*Ahem* [clearing my throat]

They are pretty much scraping the bottom of the AL West. But at least we got San Diego beat! My point here is, while Griffey may not single-handily get us to the playoffs, at least it will bring that euphoria back to Seattle. Oh yeah, don't forget that "The Kid" is a lefty. We could use that balance in our lineup! [Preach!]

As a fan it's hard to understand all the corporate decisions that are made, but at the end of the day - it's all about money! Griffey is the one person M's execs know will pack the stands.

Look at it this way - his return might be the only thing that saves Safeco Field from turning into the Kingdome.

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bmoore225 said...

Chuch young Cross....I feel you. With 600 on the horizon the M's would be silly not to bring back Jr.
He would definitely hype the city and put a watchful eye on the Mariners...even though they aint gon win shit!
For nostalgia would be great to see Jr. back in Seattle before he hits 600. If I wasnt lazy I would check and see how many HR's he hit in Seattle to put it in perspective, but like I said im lazy. You think he goes back to number 24??? hmmmm.....

That would be one of those pickups like Fish coming back to the Lake Show....