Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hump Day Headlines

Wednesdays are generally pretty slow for me. It's the end of the work week [my weekend falls on Thursday and Friday] and it's usually a day I use to do anything you would put in the "other" column. With that said, I've picked out some interesting headlines that'll keep you 9-to-5'ers entertained until the weekend hits. Enjoy and Stay Classy!

  • It's an American Classic gone wrong. A chef at Wall Street Burger Shoppe in Lower Manhattan just added a $175 burger to the menu. Word? I’m not a huge burger fan [although Five Guys is pretty good] but for some reason this just sounds a little over priced. The ambitious chef says it's worth the money because it's made of Kobe beef and topped with a few things you can barely pronounce. It seems like the word Kobe and beef are always synonymous with one another. But what do I know…I’m just a writer.

  • Boys with Boob jobs. If that sentence didn't grab your attention, I don't know what will! Apparently obesity is a serious problem in our country...who knew? As a result young boys are turning to plastic surgery to fix their "man boobs." Hmmm...

  • $15 to check baggage on American Airlines? This story just boggles my mind. Why should I have to pay to put my luggage on a flight? Who cares if oil prices are going up?! If I bring a carry-on...I can't pack any liquids! Dude, this is no bueno!

  • and if you thought NFL players performing on ABC's Dancing with the Stars was borderline...check this out, Classic! Thanks D!

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Complex said...

HILARIOUS! no wonder LA has no NFL team... lmaoo. and im def avoiding AA for flights, but as they were the first i see more airlines falling in line.