Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can You Ball in a Low-Top? Kobe says Yes.

It's going to be the hottest sneaker on the market. With a price tag of $120.

It's called the Nike Zoom Kobe 4 (IV). It contains Nike's flywire technology, herringbone pattern sole, and lunar foam. Skills not included. LOL

There are three color combos of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV, and the first pair will release in January 2009. Availble in stores by February. I personally dig the white ones. What do you think?

Here's a peak:

I don't have an M.D. after my last name, but aren't low-tops bad for your ankles? If you try to make any kind of lateral movement...I think you might get hosed in these kicks. Please tell me if i'm wrong. Now if you're going for style...then these kicks are on point like Stacey Adams! I'm just not convinced you can truly ball in these shoes. I might need Kobe to jump over another maserati before I believe the hype...
Kobe will debut the Kobe IV low-top today as a webcast on
Here's a video of Kobe talking about why the low-top works.
Stay Classy People!


Jabari said...

No one is going to buy these...

Crossy said...


I guess we'll see huh...?