Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Ohh shh-- handle?"

Have you ever rode shotgun in the car with somebody and had to grab the "Ohh shh-- handle?" You know the handle right above each window in the car. This handle is often grabbed when someone makes an ill-advised decision while operating a vehicle.

It's funny because you don't realize how many unsafe, yet funny things you do while driving until you ride with someone else!!

Here's my list of the top things I've actually witnessed people doing while driving. I would be remiss if I excluded myself from actually doing some of these!! Feel free to add your own... :)

1. Text message / Talk on phone

2. Paint your nails

3. Put on Makeup

4. Put on your shoes / tie your shoes

5. Put on a tie

6. Look for your work badge

7. Rap!

8. Ghost ride the whip!

9. Search for songs on your ipod

10. Play the bubble game, tetris, or solitaire on your phone

11. Run stop signs, consecutively.

12. High-five invisible friends

13. Pick your nose

14. Put in your contacts / Take out your contacts

15. Open a bottle of wine

16. Pour wine in wine glass

17. Drink wine

[Disclaimer: This blog does is no way shape or form promote drinking and driving. All rights reserved. Crossy Ent.]

Stay Classy ~Crossy~

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