Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Obama or the Olympics?

Who ever thought we'd see the day that politics would garner higher ratings than the Olympics? Well, this year just might be the year.


Right now we're on the heels of two of the biggest announcements in 2008. Who will be selected to ride shotgun in the White house with Senator Barack Obama and John McCain? The more important question is: when will they make the announcement?


Timing is everything. It is important for Obama to choose the right time to make the announcement because positive momentum will only propel his campaign. If you look ahead at the calendar year, there are a few things that may impede his progress. One road block is the Olympics. Although ratings have dropped over the years, it is still a major event. I think Obama would be a strong rival against the Olympics though, as long as it isn't during the opening or closing ceremonies. So when should he reveal his running mate?

Here are some dates to consider:

The Olympics are from Aug. 8th - Aug. 24th

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is Aug. 25th - Aug. 28th

The Republican National Convention (RNC) starts Sept. 1st

With these factors in mind, I think Obama has two options. Either make the announcement the week before the Olympics or do it on Monday, Aug. 18th which falls exactly one week before the DNC. It's all about strategic planning here folks! I believe the Obama campaign is strong enough to level the playing field in terms of ratings. If he rolls out everything the week before the DNC, prepare to standby for a news media frenzy. Interviews, parties, a campaign tour, Obama playing golf with Tiger, a BET marathon of Malcom X...the works.

One nugget to consider: Barack Obama's b-day is August 4th. Could the B-day be D-day? Hmmm.

Advantage McCain

The RNC is a exactly four days after the DNC. To put it simple and plain, McCain has the advantage of knowing who Senator Obama picks as his running mate in advance. This is major leverage for McCain's campaign as he has ample time to figure out how to balance his ticket. [I smell drama lurking like hot trash in the alley.] Let's hope McCain won't completely trounce Obama's lift. We'll see who outlasts who.

Game. Set. Match.

Timing the unveiling of running mates will be tricky.

Obama & ________ vs. McCain & _______

You decide. Decision 2008.

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