Friday, August 22, 2008

Lost & Found

Sincerity. It's a practice that has been lost and I'm trying to find it.

The older I get, the more sincerity becomes important. It seems like everyone is out to B.S you in life. It could be a man, a job, your family, a car salesman - you name it. Sometimes I just get tired of dealing with fake people.


It's extremely hard for me to find sincerity in men. Forget honesty or all that keeping it real crap. I just want to know that what you're saying is not fabricated, made up, or some slick talk you've been whispering in a chick's ear since '85. I'm just saying....


Why do we have to hate one another? We constantly back stab, hurt, and talk about eachother. And the number one reason girls are no longer friends.......

Survey says: MEN.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the "Album Cut" not the "Radio Edit." Meaning - I am uncut when it comes to saying what I think. I am sincere in the sense that I cannot mislead someone that I care about. I'm a free-spirited person and I run with a wide range of people. Someone wise once said that the friends you choose are a direct reflection of you. Well my reflection must be that of a thousand faces, because no one person can define me. I'm like a six-pronged stool. I have so many layers that it's hard to sum me up in one word. I like to think the word fabulous is appropriate, but something tells me that word just doesn't do it either. ;)

That's it for the Lost & Found files...

Until next time...Stay Classy.


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